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Economic affairs

As a business location, Bremen offers a number of benefits. Almost 22,000 companies provide more than 325,000 jobs. Strong business sectors, such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace and wind energy, have made Bremen one of Germany’s leading industrial and logistics locations. With major brands based in Bremen, such as Mercedes-Benz, OHB, Airbus, Mondelez and Beck’s Beer, many goods start their journey to consumers right here.
The Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe supports local industry, the service sector, skilled trades, SMEs, and the retail and tourism sectors in the state of Bremen.
But our activities also extend beyond Germany’s borders. Through our global economic policies we have won Bremen important partners abroad. We are focusing our efforts to persuade foreign companies to relocate to Bremen on China, the US, Turkey and Vietnam in particular. This is the remit of Bremeninvest, one of our associated organisations.
Bremeninvest supports company relocations, develops and markets suitable commercial spaces and properties, is responsible for the city’s marketing and oversees Bremen’s tourism activities.
Bremen’s M3B GmbH (the name stands for ‘Messen, Märkte, Menschen’, i.e. ‘exhibitions, markets, people’) has a broad remit ranging from trade fairs to wholesale markets and arena events. The company was created by the merger of MESSE BREMEN & ÖVB Arena and Grossmarkt Bremen with Bremer Ratskeller – wine merchants since 1405. All of the parties have experience in organising events, know how to inspire people and contribute to the overall quality of life in Bremen through their activities.